ILQ9 Classic Twincam (16pk).  - Click to enlarge.

ILQ9 Classic Twincam (16pk)

Top-Performance Bearings for Every Task

MSRP: 55.00   OUR PRICE: US$39.97


ILQ-9 Classic bearings feature tighter tolerances then the ILQ-7 bearings and will provide thousands of miles of trouble-free use, even if you occasionally ride through dirt or rain. ILQ-9 Classics go beyond ABEC rating in terms of performance, durability, design, and materials. 

Since ABEC only measures precision tolerance, ABEC-7 bearings can be made out of inferior steel as long as they are accurate enough. The all-new 6-ball ILQ-9 Classic has only one standard: the best. ILQ-9 Classic bearings considers precision tolerance plus other variables like design features, lubrication, and quality of materials.
ILQ-9 Classic bearings are closed on both sides with a metal shield. 

The shield sits in a L-shaped undercut and is held in place by a removable C-clip. The undercut helps to form a protective barrier that keeps lubricants in and contamination out.

BRAND: Twincam

ILQ9-Classic are in 608 format and work perfectly for Inline Skates, Longboards, Skateboards, Scooters and other applications. Great choice for Slalom, Freeride and Fitness skating.

ILQ-9 Classic comes with 16 pieces per pack, plus 8 aluminum UFO spacers included.
  • Exclusive 6 ball design in-line bearing.
  • High quality steel retainer.
  • Inner with undercut, easy for servicing.
  • Japan import high quality grease.
  • Design for recreation and speed skating.
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